S5E26: Maybe Next Coach?

13 Jan

The Bills hire Sean McDermott, we review the season for MVP, LVP, Best and Worst Games, etc., take your FB and Twitter Qs, TDIBH, and more!

S5E25: A Few Good GMs

5 Jan

Holy Moly. Bills Jets recap, three stars (yuck), This Day in Bills History, Some meandering, oh right-and we cover the heavyweight fight between Doug Whaley and the entire Buffalo press corps. Plenty of Bills talk for you, including some late breaking news at the end of the pod. Stick around, won’t you?

S5E24: We Say Many, Many Bad Words (Rexit)

29 Dec

This is a bit of a potty mouth episode. Lots of bad words as we relive the the end of the Bills Season. Bills-Dolphins, Three Stars, TDIBH, Bills Jets guesses. Plus, we also mark the passing of Bruce DeHaven, Extensive coverage of the Rex Ryan firing and what we all think of Doug Whaley.
It’s a long ep, with lots of cussing, but we go deep on these subjects (not too many tangents). Like we say every year at this time, Maybe Next Year?

S5E23: Clicking The Pen

23 Dec

Bills Browns, Three Stars, Rex Ryan talk, Tyrod Taylor Talk, Doug Whaley Talk, This day in Bills History, Bills Dolphins, and much…much more.


15 Dec

Today we ask the question we always end up asking: why are we here and why do we keep doing this to ourselves. Bills Steelers, Three Stars, Why is this team awful, Why did they lose this game, Why is Rex Ryan the coach, Tyrod Taylor, Facebook Qs and comments, TDIBH, Bills Browns.

S5 E21: A Good 36 Minutes of Podcast

8 Dec

Like the Bills, we also have a good 36 minutes this week. Also like the Bills Game, the podcast is much longer than 36 minutes. Bills-Raiders, Three Stars, Tyrod, The Coaching Staff, LeSean is Great, TDIBH, Bills Steelers, What do we do next? Enjoy!

S5E20: Viva La Billsolucion!

30 Nov

Bills Jags, Three Stars, Have we seen this team before, Who is Tyrod Taylor?, Seantrel Henderson’s suspension, This Day in Bills History, Bills Raiders preview.