S6E27: Awkward Awkward Awkward

2 Feb

Frank, Scott, and Paul discuss the strange circumstances surrounding the retirement of Eric Wood, the retirement of Aaron Williams, coaching changes, Alex Smith going to Washington DC, What we make of Kirk Cousins, The draft, your questions and comments, This Day in Bills History, and our Super Bowl feelings.


S6E26: Saturday Morning Cartoons

20 Jan

The Bills have another new Offensive Coordinator, What will the Bills decide to do with Tyrod Taylor, What about other positions, Listener Comments from Facebook, Last week’s NFL results, this week’s previews, This Day in Bills History, and more including a blooper ending.

S6E25: Well, Maybe Next Year

10 Jan

Six years of the pod, six maybe next years. At least this one came with a playoff game. We talk Bills Jags, lament not looking forward to a game next week, three stars, tdibh and some other Bills tidbits amidst your questions and comments. Note Paul’s audio is a bit jumbly at the end, and I did edit the pod a bit to try and clear some of it out-but it is there.


S6E24: Achievement Unlocked! PLAYOFFS!

3 Jan

Holy moly moly moly moly moly moly moly moly moly. In this week’s episode we don’t talk about how things went wrong, we dont’ talk about what games they lost that they should have won, we don’t lament another year of the drought, and we don’t have to take it anymore! The Bills are in the playoffs! Enjoy!

S6E23: Better Late Than Never (or way too late)

29 Dec

We finally got our pod up! Bills-Patriots Recap, Gronk is a jerk, 3 Stars, Playoff Scenarios for Week 17, Can the Bills get in? This Day in Bills History and Bills Dolphins.

S6E22: So Close…So, So Close…

21 Dec

The Bills beat the Dolphins, Three Stars, An updated playoff picture, Pro Bowl Selections, This day in Bills History, Bills Patriots, Gronk-talk and more!

S6E21: Snoooooowvertime!

15 Dec

Bills Colts and the snow that never ended, Who is the QB, What about that 4th and 1?,  3 stars, TIDBH, Your questions and comments and more. Also Bills-Dolphins and some Playoff Prognostication!