S5E16: Squished

24 Oct

The gang starts talking about death and the fleeting nature of life, and things get dark from there as we review the Bills. Bills Dolphins review, Injuries, Three Stars, This Day in Bills History, and We discuss how thoroughly the Bills will get thrashed by New England on Sunday. Monday Funday!

S5E15: Bottoms…Up?

20 Oct

The Bills Beat the 49ers Season, The Three Stars of the Game, Shaq Lawson, LeSean McCoy Hamstring, TDIBH, Bills Dolphins Preview, and we talk about the Bills fans who mead Deadspin this week.

S5E14: Three And Two-Cast

14 Oct

Bills Beat the Rams, Three Stars, Lorenzo Alexander, This Day in Bills History, Bills-Niners Preview.

S5E13: Two and Two-Just Like We All Said

3 Oct

Bills beat the Pats, Three Stars, Is Anthony Lynn Good?, This Day in Bills History, Second Quarter Season Preview, Bills Rams Preview, Everything is upside down.


S5E12: The Season Is Less Over

26 Sep

The Bills stun everyone and beat the Arizona Cardinals, and beat them soundly. We review the game, discuss some of the injuries, Three Stars, This Day in Bill History, our feud with a radio personality (I guess), Preview the Pats game, and generally accept that we can’t go into full meltdown mode yet.

S5E11: ClusterF-cast (The Season Is Over)

19 Sep

Once a year we have a podcast when every stumbling block possible happens, and that podcast is usually the same week the season ends. Well guess what, kids, Cluster-cast came early this year!

We review Bills-Jets, Talk about the firing of OC Greg Roman, Is the season already over, A fake interview with Tyrod Taylor, Discuss Bills Cardinals (HA!), This Day in Bills History, and largely watch as poop rolls down hill all night.

S5E10: WHAT WAS THE POINT!? (Explicit)

11 Sep

We review the dumpster fire that was the Bills Ravens game, Three Stars, This Day in Bills History, Seantrel Henderson and Marijuana, Reviewing the final cuts, and a Bills Jets Preview.