S4E17: Quick Snap Bills Cast

25 Nov

Lots of Bills-Pats, Three Stars, This Day in Bills History and then Bills-Chiefs. We are all a little surly and sleepy, especially Frank.

S4E16: Relevant Bills. Who Knew?

19 Nov

Frank and Paul this week: Bills Jets, Three Stars, The Bills are Relevant!, Confidence Index, Doug Flutie, Bills Pats, This Day in Bills History and much, much more.

S4E15: Fish Squished…Again

10 Nov

Quick week turnaround: Bills-Dolphins recap, Three Stars, TDIBH, How do you feel about the Bills?, Third Q preview, Bills-Jets preview, and the usual banter. Enjoy! Go Bills!

S4E14: Where Have You Gone Immanuel Velikovsky?

4 Nov

We finally bring ourselves to talk Bills-Jags, Three Stars, How bad is EJ Manuel, How bad is Matt Cassel, How bad are the Bills, Do the Bills have a chance in the awful AFC, This Day in Bills History and preview the Bills Dolphins game. It’s a post bye-week super-cast!

S4E13: London Calling

22 Oct

Frank returns and talks about his new daughter, but then they get down to the dreadful business of talking about Bills football. A recap of the Bengals game, Three Stars, This Day in Bills History, A discussion on the media covering the Bills and the comments by Sammy Watkins, Marcel Dareus and Mario Williams. All that and your Facebook comments and our preview of the Jags Bills.

S4 E12: Rolling Over Tennessee

14 Oct

Scott and Paul take you through the Bills win over Tennessee, discuss the events of the week and preview the Bills-Bengals game while Frank is on Paternity Leave. Enjoy!

S4E11: MarQuies, Marquies, Marcus, Marcus

9 Oct

Bills Giants, Bills Titans, Previews, Injuries, etc…


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