S4E26: Super Bowl Preview

28 Jan

S4E25: Dear St. Louis Rams Fans…

20 Jan

In today’s episode we talk about EJ Manuel and RGIII, we talk about hiring Ed Reed and the Bills defensive philosophy heading into 2016, We chat about the single most lopsided victory in Bills history, and we discuss the plight of the St. Louis Rams fans-inviting them to join us in Bills misery by being a Bills fan.


S4E24: The Ryan Trap

14 Jan

Coaching changes abound and we go through them all. Scott leads us through a tour of the front office, This Day in Bills History and some talk about the NFL Playoff games. We also briefly touch on the Rams moving to LA.

S4E23: We Traded Scott

9 Jan

We trade Scott to another podcast, but he comes on the show anyway. Bills-Jets review, Fitztragic talk, Three Stars, The State of Bills Media, Whaley-Rex reports, What the hell is wrong with our fans (table smashing edition), Pegula reports, a little Tyrod Taylor talk and quick playoff predictions as we begin the 2015 season wind down.

S4 E22: New Year, New York, No New Coach or GM

1 Jan

Happy New Year from us to you! Bills-Cowboys, The Fitz Conundrum, Three Stars, This Day in Bills History, Bills Jets, Mario Williams and more. Happy 2016

S4E21: Maybe Next Year Part IV: It’s All Over But The Crying…

23 Dec

(Warning: We may use potty mouths): We’ve been doing this pod for four seasons, and each one has ended with the title of our show being more than appropriate. So too does the 2015 campaign end.

We’ve got Bills-Washington recap, lots of screaming and yelling, Three stars, Would you keep Whaley or Rex (if you had to), Player and Front Office Strife, This Day in Bills History, Bills-Cowboys, and just general yelling all around. It’s a long ep.

S4E20: Well, Maybe Next Year…

16 Dec


Bills Eagles, Three Stars, Four Falls of Buffalo Review, Who is better the 2014 or 2015 Bills?, Bills-Washington preview, Listener Questions and Comments


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