S4E3: Valance Toes

13 Jul

Yep. Its a very lazy July Episode where nothing happens. Note: This was record last Thursday, before the news that the Bills O-line coach threatened a kid. Otherwise we would have talked about that, which we will next time, I’m sure. Enjoy some QB talk, some more Parallel Universe Bills Schedule picking, and a whole lot of nonsense.


S4E2: Cheating Brady Cheated Like a Cheating Cheater. Cheat.

23 May

Draft talk, Cheater talk, And more of our series of alternate reality Bills games. How WOULD the Bills do vs. Jacksonville in 15th century London? Find out!

S4E1: Draft Class Episode!

30 Apr

Nonsense abounds In our Draft Preview (which isn’t much of a preview!) Also we pick an alternate version of the Bills Schedule where one key fact is changed everytime. Enjoy!

S3E30: Free Agency Bonanza!

13 Mar

It’s a lively cast as Frank, Scott, and Paul find they don’t agree on much as they usually do. We run down the list of big trades and free agency signing the Bills have already done, including LeSean McCoy, Matt Cassel, Tyrod Taylor, Jerome Felton, and others. Jerry Hughes talk, how are the QBs ranked right now, the releasing of Scott Chandler, and a whole lot more.

S3E29: A Brief Overview of the Lord of The Rings DVD Extras

19 Feb

It is deep in the offseason and the gang, particularly Frank, gives no effs as to what the content of the show is. That said, we do talk about the philosophy of Rex Ryan, Josh McCown (and why Bills Radio is obsessed with the QB when they know they can’t have one), Jerry Hugues, Keith Rivers, Ritchie Incognito and the controversy of signing him, as well as a brief Super Bowl recap. I think we sneak a little Evander Kane talk in there too.

S3E28: How We Would Torture the Patriots

28 Jan

Deflate gate, Super Bowl XXV memories, The Bills Coaching Staff and more. Also, we discuss how we would punish the Patriots.

S3E27: Whaley Woves Wex Wyan (Rex Ryan is the Coach)

15 Jan

Do you really need a summary? What do you think we talk about for an hour?


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