S3 E17: ROUT (With Bonus Audio!)

29 Oct

Going into the bye week, you get your Bills-Jets recap, Kyle Orton, Sammy Watkins, a First Half Recap and a second half preview. All this plus 3 stars, this day in bills history, why people don’t trade in the NFL like they do in other sports, and Halloween shenanigans.

AUDIO NOTE: I did some work with the audio this week. My (frank’s) microphone is the softest, and I fixed it as much as I could. It is not too out of line with Scott and Paul’s mikes, so set your level to a comfortable level for Paul and Scott and just deal with me being a bit low. I’ll do some more work over the bye.

S3 E16: Horror Show 7: Bills Takes Hoboken

22 Oct

We dissect the heaping pile of garbage that was the Bills victory over the Vikings, Talk about the transition from a running team to a passing team, what the loss of CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson means for the team, Sammy Watkins emergence, This Day in Bills History featuring a Jim Kelly comeback, Three stars, Kyle Orton’s progression as a QB, the O-line, and of course a discussion about why the 4-3 Bills are road dogs to the 1-6 Jets in our game preview. All that, and nonsense.



S3 E15: …Sad-Depresso-Cast

15 Oct

We pull out all the stops to get you crying in yer beer this time. We review the Bills-Pats game, talk Mike Williams and CJ Spiller, review a This Day in Bills History that ends in three people dying (so far…!), and then the Bills-Vikings preview doesn’t go entirely the way you probably expect it would.


S3 Episode 14: Frank Takes Crazy Pills

8 Oct

Bills Recap of the victory over the Lions, LOTS of Kyle Orton talk, and a preview of Bills Pats in which Frank jinxes us all…

S3E13: Frank and EJ Get Benched

1 Oct

Season 3 and Episode 13


All Kyle Orton, all the time.

S3E12: International Cornhole

25 Sep

Bills Chargers, 3 Stars, Donald Trump, Bills Water, This Day in Bills History, Bills Texans

S3 E11: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start

17 Sep

Frank, Scott and Paul do their first video cast in a while (in an effort to get the sound to even out). We talk about the 2-0 Buffalo Bills victory over Miami, EJ Manuel’s progression, NES video games (and how we solved video games before the Internet) the NL East baseball race (Briefly!) and then back to football with a preview of the San Diego game on Sunday. All that and listener questions, a very special 3(x3) stars, This Day in Bills History and more!


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